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Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs outlines safe shooting regulations during coronavirus pandemic

TimeJump Media has obtained the following document from ProduceIowa and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, released on May 13th 2020, outlining safe sets and film shooting regulations for cast and crew safety and protection against transmission of the COVID-19 respiratory disease. For the latest updates from the upper midwestern state of Iowa, visit their website at: https://iowaculture.gov/media

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Film/Media State Guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic (5/13/20)

Everyone’s health and safety is our highest priority here in Iowa. Below is a list of our latest guidelines and expectations for those engaged in film, television and media production.

Also, before proceeding with your project here in Iowa, please review the current Covid-19 regulations from the Governor’s Office as well as the guidelines from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Each of us must bring a sense of personal responsibility to our workplaces and speak up when we have health and safety concerns that need to be addressed. We encourage you to contact Produce Iowa with any additional questions or special requests.


Iowa is a right-to-work state and does not require any general permits to film here. But you may be required to make arrangements with your production locations as needed. It is also up to the crew and support services that are available to work at this time to confirm that your project will be able to move forward in our state.

Please spend additional time with your pre-production to work through these new important measures. In general, we expect a closed set here in Iowa with no more than 10 people at a time. Everyone involved should practice appropriate social distancing (at least 6 feet apart) and proper hygiene to remain compliant. Gloves and masks are encouraged, and here is a website you may find helpful for sourcing available masks. Also, sanitation is a priority, so please take the time to clean and disinfect high-touch items and equipment as needed. Additional tips and resources can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We are in a pandemic and, as you may expect, these current rules could change at any time so please check the above links often. The State of Iowa cannot be held responsible should things change during your production.


  • Restrict sets to essential personnel in order to reduce the overall headcount.

  • Allow no more than 10 people on set at any given time.

  • Consider staggering department schedules on set to limit interaction and areas of congestion.

  • Encourage key personnel and performers to shelter in place when they’re not working.

  • Restructure the distance between departments, such as costume, makeup, grip, etc.

  • Require crew members to stay at least 6 feet from one another at all times.

  • Designate one-way pathways around the production when possible.

  • Eliminate communal craft service tables or catering areas.

  • Serve pre-packaged meals or supply per diem for crew to bring their own food.

  • Distribute call sheets, contracts and production reports in digital formats when possible.

  • Wear face masks. Talent should wear face coverings while the cameras are stopped.

  • Provide hand-washing stations and/or hand sanitizers on set.

  • Provide disposable tissues, and encourage crew to cover their sneezes and coughs.

  • Use your elbows and knuckles as opposed to fingers whenever possible.

  • Do not share pens, phones or personal work tools.

  • Put down an item that someone needs to pick up, rather than handing it directly to them.

  • Identify an Infection Control Officer to be responsible for routine wipe-downs of surfaces.

  • Post signs to remind people to avoid touching their eyes, nose & mouth and to wash their hands.

  • Consider regularly checking the crew’s temperatures.

  • Educate and remind cast and crew about best practices throughout the production.

  • If anyone on set experiences symptoms that could be related to Covid-19, that person must report them to his or her department head, self-isolate and stay home.